What is the Great Lakes Biotech Academy?

The Great Lakes Biotech Academy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization and science club focused on increasing awareness and accessibility to the practice of biotechnology.


Why is biotechnology important to society?

Broadly speaking, biotechnology is the use of living systems to engineer or manufacture a product. Wine and wool are ancient examples of biotechnology. More contemporary examples of biotechnology are life-saving drugs, environmentally friendly laundry detergent, and pest resistant agricultural crops. 


What are the advantages of working in biotechnology as a career?

The biotechnology industry is a dynamic and growing industry. Biotechnology jobs are high paying and many of the companies in this space work to improve the environment and human health.


Does the Academy charge membership, workshop, or course fees?

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and are committed to making our services available to motivated students of all backgrounds.  Fees may be associated with some of the Academy programs.  Please contact us directly for more information about need-based fee waivers.  


I’m under 18 and super interested in biotechnology, how can I get involved?

Students must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to participate in most Academy activities. We plan to provide workshops and activities for younger age groups in the future.


I'm starting my own lab and need help -- can you answer my startup questions?

We cannot provide in depth consulting or assistance with all inquiries.  However, we will do our best to concisely answer your questions.   If you have a specific question please contact us through the contact form and be as detailed as possible in describing your question.


Does the Great Lakes Biotech Academy offer degrees or certifications?

The Academy does not currently offer degrees or certifications. However, at the completion of the Fellows Program students become official members of the Great Lakes Biotech Academy and may participate in ongoing academy sponsored investigative research projects.


When can I visit the Academy?

Access to the Academy is currently by invitation only. Contact us if you are interested in stopping by.


I’ve got a great idea and would like to start performing experiments; can I work on “X” at the Academy?

The scope of biotechnology research we are working on at the Academy is currently restricted to the industrial biotechnology area. We only work with commonly used BSL1 class microbes, mostly Neurospora crassa.  Please contact us if you have questions.


Can I participate in Academy activities if I have no background in science?

There will be a range of activities for all experience levels at the Academy.  However, participation in the Fellows Program, science competitions, or ongoing Academy research projects will be targeted principally towards motivated young people interested in pursuing a career in the biotechnology industry.